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Now that summer is behind us, the cold-loving flowers and shrubs of October have started to bloom, bringing new colours and points of interest to the gardens. Read on to discover what new autumn plants and flowers are arriving this season.


Now is the perfect time to spot several varieties of Aster around the formal gardens, providing a purple pop to the grey walk and along the rills.

Image: Aster Amellus being enjoyed by a bumblebee.

Discover autumn plants arriving to Hestercombe this October
Discover autumn plants arriving to Hestercombe this October

Bramley Apples

Crisp green Bramley Apples are now showing within our orchard, south of the formal gardens, with some turning red as they ripen.

Image: Malus domestica 


This month is still a fine time to see these succulent salmon-pink gladioli, standing tall in the centre of the formal garden.

Image: Gladiolus Hybridus

Japanese Acer

Flanking the base of the formal gardens from their proud position on the rill are two Japanese acer trees, whose ruby-red leaves and curled branches look like something out of a fantasy novel.

Image: Acer palmatum, with its branches framing the centre of the formal gardens

Vines on the Pergola

Now that the larger summer foliage has gone, the autumn plants and vines within the pergola are fully visible. To see nature interplay with the brickwork in the pergola 

Image: Vines curling around a column

Discover autumn plants arriving to Hestercombe this October

If you’re interested in taking some of the gardens home with you, our Plant Centre is open and accessible at the end of your visit.

This year within the sights and sounds of the autumn gardens you may also find pieces of our Open Up gallery exhibition. See if you can spot any of the outdoor art work on display from now until June 2021!