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the gardens at night

Come and experience the gardens in a brand new light with our winter wonderland walk. Its absolutely stunning and is a great anti-dote to the winter blues. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas from the gardens team

Plant ID #14

from left to right: Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’ Pyracantha rogersiana Bergenia x schmidtii Escallonia rubra var. macrantha Othonna cheirifolia Bergenia cordifolia ‘Purpurea’

big is never big enough!!

When we first got our glasshouses they seemed huge. The possibilities were endless. We were going to have so much more SPACE. But it turns out big is never big enough and they are full- and I mean FULL. If you are about to buy a glasshouse, or a shed, and are trying...
Our first sneaky peek in the house

Our first sneaky peek in the house

Philip gave us a tour of our ‘new house’ today and for some of us it was our first peek at the past, and to the future of Hestercombe. As you can imagine the house is a vast project. Parts of it are amazing while other parts are very ‘officey’...

Plant ID #13

from left to right:   Leycesteria formosa- Himalayan honeysuckle or pheasant berry Jasminum nudiflorum- winter jasmine Cornus alba ‘Siberica’- dogwood Ruscus aculeatus- Butchers broom Liquidambar styraciflua Artemesia ludoviciana Cotoneaster...

My super talented gardening team

In meetings Oliver White has often described me as a lioness protecting my pride. It’s not a bad description as I am protective of them – but also I am very very proud of them. I happen to have employed a super talented bunch of people. Not just talented...