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warm weather romp

due to the early warm weather the echevarias, that are stored in the poly tunnel until the last of the frosts, are really romping away!! I love the succulant green leaves with these odd looking pink flowers.
Giant toilet rolls in the garden

Giant toilet rolls in the garden

I heard a small child in the garden yesterday saying ‘mummy why are there all these giant toilet rolls in the garden?’- so I thought that I had better explain…. They are shrub guards to protect the shrub from being nibbled by rabbits/squirrels etc....

busy times

  This time of year is the busiest for us and long days are required to keep on top of it all. The grass seems to have grown again two minutes after you have mown it and the weeds are on steroids! We also have the perfect growing weather so we are coming in at...

spring colour

It is a great time to come and see the Victorian shrubbery in full techni-colour. The whole place is humming with bees and insects and we have a great selection of plants in flower.   Hellebores and Sarcococca   Hellebore beds   Leucojum   Violets...


  This is a Bellis perennis which forms part of the spring bedding scheme on the Victorian terrace. BUT … it has this strange mutation known as FASCIATION. When plants have fasciation the stems and flowerheads appear flattened and elongated. This can be...

plant ID

from left to right: Euphorbia charaias subsp. wulfenii Cytisus scoparius- common broom Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna- Christmas box/ sweet box Rosmarinus officinalis- rosemary Arabis caucasica- rock cress Vinca major- periwinkle