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Unfortunately, there is no known description or image of the original Terrace Seat. The building will not therefore be a restoration or recreation but what is known as an evocation placed in order that visitors may better understand and enjoy Bampfylde’s original vision.

To be built on its original foundations, the semi circular design reflects the arched opening of the Mausoleum and its shape is based, after the famous Botticelli painting, on the clam shell seat at Strawberry Hill, home of Horace Walpole, where it signifies, spring or rebirth and the beginning of your journey around Hestercombe, which naturally finds its end at the Mausoleum.

The Trust intends to commission the building from a local craftsman by whom it will be built entirely of thin planks of oak secured with copper fixings in the manner of a boat. The cost of the building, which it is intended to install later this summer, is £19,500 and we are appealing to members for donations that will help us complete this unique and crucial element Hestercombe’s circuit.

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