Avenue 1908 Country Life p 529
Avenue 1908 Country Life p 529

During winter 2023 Hestercombe Gardens Trust will recreate an historic avenue of Sweet Chestnut trees that runs from a high point of the Landscape Garden, east towards Gotton.

We are excited to have discovered a lost tree avenue from Hestercombe's past which we wish to restore for the benefit of future generations. The trees were originally planted in the 18th century to enhance the approach to Hestercombe House from Gotton, but have been lost in time. A recent discovery from Hestercombe's archives suggests that this impressive avenue would have provided a stunning vista, leading up to an obelisk at a high point of this area of the garden. Visitors to Hestercombe would enjoy a view framed by majestic Sweet Chestnut trees, with tantalising glimpses of the nearby Turkish Tent and a rustic summer house.

As part of the continuing restoration of the estate, thirty Sweet Chestnut trees (Castanea sativa) will be planted in winter 2023 to fully restore this lost treasure. The heritage varieties of Sweet Chestnut 'Marron de Lyon' and 'Marigoule' have been carefully selected for their plentiful, dark mahogany edible fruit. We will complement these trees with a variety of other plantings around the avenue which will provide a haven for wildlife and a corridor to the woods at Gotton. This exciting new feature of the garden will play an important role in replacing a number of ash trees that have been lost due to ash dieback.

Tree planting can make a wonderful gift as well as a special memorial. We invite you to purchase one of only thirty trees to mark an occasion, remember a loved one, or simply to support the restoration and wildlife. You may attend the planting, even help if you wish, and a permanent record of all contributors will be available. A record of the donation and dedication will be recorded in the Book of Remembrance held in the entrance of Hestercombe House.

1812 West Monkton Map detail showing Gotton
Avenue 1908 Country Life p 529

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