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Lets face it, we all do it every year. We sow the whole packet of seeds 'just in case' and then end up with far to many seedlings that we don't know what to do with. Normally with me it's tomto plants. At home I really only have room for 2 or 3 plants but I still think I'd better sow the whole lot!

And if you are careful and only sow what you need then you end up with a half packet of seed that you have no use for.

Well we might have the solution.

One of my favourite things about my proffession is the endless sharing that goes on. Striking a cutting from a friendly neighbours plant, giving away an unwanted division from your herbaceous borders, sharing practical advice. I think it is important to encourage these freebies.

So... on the 10th June between 11am and 2 pm bring all your half used trays of seedlings, your unwanted packets of seeds, the divisions from your garden- in fact anything to do with gardening that you no longer want(except weeds!)- up to Hestercombe. Hand them in to me and in return I will give you a raffle ticket. You can then wander around the gardens, have lunch, enjoy a coffee, or even have a treatment in the Lavender rooms. Then come back later and hand in your raffle ticket and select something more useful from the table.

Some of the best things in life are free- so lets make the most of them!

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