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I heard a small child in the garden yesterday saying 'mummy why are there all these giant toilet rolls in the garden?'- so I thought that I had better explain....


They are shrub guards to protect the shrub from being nibbled by rabbits/squirrels etc. Normally shrub guards are made of plastic but personally I dont like to see overuse of plastic in the garden and it's so environmantally unfriendly. So I have researched and found a company called EZEE TREE who have recently won the Soil Association innovation award for these guards.

They are made of paper - it feels a bit like an egg box-and the idea is that they are sturdy enough to withstand the weather (and small teeth) for 4-5 yeras before they naturally decompose. By this point- in theory - the shrub should be robust enough to withstand the odd nibble.

and the bonus is- they are cheaper too

here is the link to their website so that you can find out more www.ezeetree.com

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