The mowing season is upon us and it is a very exciting time of the year. Everything is starting to grow, especially the grass, so I thought that I would tell you about some of the different ways we mow in the Formal Gardens.

Rotary Mowing


The mower above is a Honda Izy, a four wheeled rotary pedestarian mower, but what does this mean? Rotary mowers have blades underneath which turn on a vertical axis. The pedestrian part means that they are operated by a person walking behind the mower. The box at the back collects the grass.

This type of mower is good for cutting small areas of lawn. It also works quite well when the grass is long and/or wet. Typically we will use this mower to mow areas that are on a slope, for example the lawns outside the Bampfylde Hall, or on lawns that are quite bumpy.

Cylinder Mowing


The mower above is a Masport Olympic cylinder mower, meaning that the blades spin on a horizontal axis this time. It has a roller on the back to give stripes to your lawn and the metal box at the front collects the grass.

We use this type of mower for the finer areas of lawn, such as here on the Victorian Terrace. It is great for areas where you have a slightly raised lawn (like in the photo) as the roller at the back allows you to get right up to the edge without falling off!

Ride-on Mowing


This is a Gianni Ferrari ride-on mower and as you can see you sit on the mower to operate it as apposed to walking behind it. The deck at the front has two sets of ratary blades and the yellow box at the back collects the grass by sucking it up.

This mower is used for all the large areas areas of lawn, such as the drive and the Orangery Lawn.

Problems and Solutions

Below are a list of common problems associated with mowing and some tips to give you a good finish:

Happy mowing!

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