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Hestercombe is delighted to announce that a number of beautifully-crafted toadstools are now available to bid on at auction. Perfect as an outdoors centrepiece in a garden, patio or balcony, the toadstools are all carved from solid wood, and have been painted by a range of artists and school groups who all live locally.

The colourful toadstools, which were on display in Rook Wood as part of The Mushroom Magic Trail, have all been designed around the theme of 'magic'. Each is available to view on the Marquee Lawn until Friday 17th September. Online eBay auctions for each toadstool commence on Tuesday 7th September and end 10 days later on Friday 17th September. NB: Toadstools are for collection only.


Three of the toadstools on display are not available at auction, as they are part of the Toadstool Raffle. Tickets are available until Friday 17th September via the Hestercombe Gift Shop, and cost £2 each.

All monies raised via the raffle and auction will go towards supporting Hestercombe Gardens Trust, an independent charity ~ and will help us maintain, restore and develop the beautiful, historic gardens for the benefit of future generations. Thank you!

Toadstools for Auction

'Below Us'

By Tim Martin | Dimensions: 83cm (w) x 86cm (h)

Toadstool auction Tim Martin Hestercombe


By Fiona Baker | Dimensions: 60cm (w) x 78cm (h)

Toadstool auction Fiona Baker Hestercombe

'The Magical Universe'

By Ilse Hagley | Dimensions: 65cm (w) x 78cm (h)

Toadstool auction Ilse Hagley 2 Hestercombe

'A Gnome Home'

By Mavis Holdsworth, of Taunton Art Group | Dimensions: 63cm (w) x 76cm (h)

Toadstool auction Mavis Holdsworth 2 Hestercombe

'With Moonlight and Starlight There Is Always Magic'

By Jackie Rogers, of Taunton Art Group | Dimensions: 65cm (w) x 78cm (h)

Toadstool auction Jackie Rogers Hestercombe

'Away With The Fairies'

By Liz Gregory | Dimensions: 66cm (w) x 74cm (h)

Toadstool auction Liz Gregory Hestercombe

'The Mushroom of Joy'

By Emma Housley | Dimensions: 68cm (w) x 84cm (h)

Toadstool auction Emma Housley Hestercombe jpg


By Jenny Graham | Dimensions: 65cm (w) x 67cm (h)

Toadstool auction Jenny Graham Hestercombe

'Eye See You'

By students at Heathfield Community School | Dimensions: 69cm (w) x 67cm (h)

Toadstool auction Eye See You Heathfield Community School Hestercombe

'Ad Astra Per Aspera'

By students at Heathfield Community School | Dimensions: 71cm (w) x 79cm (h)

Toadstool auction Ad Astra Heathfield Community School Hestercombe

Toadstool Raffle

The following toadstools are included in the raffle only ~ buy a ticket from Hestercombe's Gift Shop (located in Hestercombe House) for just £2. The raffle will end on 30th September and the winner notified.

'A Home for a Gnome'

By Anne Chadwick, of Taunton Art Group | Dimensions: 64cm (w) x 102cm (h) (this is the taller toadstool of the trio pictured)

Toadstool auction Anne Chadwick Hestercombe

'Rainbow Volcano' & 'Spirit of the Earth'

'Rainbow Volcano' ~ by Elliot Coles | Dimensions: 24cm (w) x 43cm (h) | 'Spirit of the Earth' ~ by Sophie Coles | Dimensions: 37cm (w) x 36cm (h)

Toadstool auction Anne Chadwick Elliot and Sophie Coles Hestercombe jpg

'The Magic Lion'

By Zoe Ainsworth-Grigg | Based on illustrations from her book, 'The Beautiful Garden and Lion' | Dimensions: 60cm (w) x 65cm (h)

Toadstool auction Zoe Ainsworth Grigg Hestercombe

'Seen and Unseen'

By Robin Pfaff, of Taunton Art Group | Dimensions: 63cm (w) x 65cm (h)

Toadstool auction Robin Pfaff 2 Hestercombe
Mushroom Magic Trail toadstool auction at Hestercombe

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