About 3,500 plants in little modular trays arrived on Monday morning. These all go in to the beds on the Victorian terrace and last through the gloomy days and into spring.

The challenge was to get them in between the rainy downpours and get everything tidy before today's wedding! Luckily the forecast was totally wrong on Wednesday and instead of rain all day it was just a bit drizzly- not ideal but much better than expected.

We have several different planting plans for the terrace and rotate them around. They are all based on Victorian bedding plans and types of plants they would have used. We have avoided traditional bulbs over the last few years as the badger tends to just eat them. This winters plan has daisies, pansies, forget me nots and heathers. This scheme will stay in until May and then be changed over to our summer plan.

b2ap3_thumbnail_plan-web.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_ribbon-border-plan-web.jpg



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