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Excitement is mounting in the glasshouses!

The annual flower seeds that we sowed last month are bursting into life and some are ready to be pricked out into larger pots.


When your seedlings grow their 'true' leaves, or second set, they are ready to be pricked out into their own pots. There are a few rules with pricking out.


Firstly we fill the pots with the compost. In this case we have used a sieved peat free multi purpose compost mixed with perlite to make it lighter and give it more drainage. Put the pots on the floor and water them before the plants go in. The advantage of doing this is that as the seedlings are so fragile watering from above can make them bend over too much. It also helps against grey mould.

Take the seed tray and use a dibber (seriously a pencil is just as good..!) to lift the roots of

the seedling. The important bit to remember is NEVER to pull the seedling out by its stem- it would be like me trying to lift you up by the neck! All it does is crushes the xylem and phloem (these transport food and water round the seedling). So instead take hold of the leaves and wiggle the seedling out.

Use your pencil/dibber to make a hole in the compost big enough for the roots of your seedling. Pop the seedling in the hole and use your dibber/pencil to firm it in. And that's it done. You have now provided that plant with enough 'food' to keep it going until you are ready to plant it out.

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