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I am often asked what my favourite plant is. Well frankly it changes seasonally and daily. But I have been keeping note from our seed sowing as to which plants have been the most successful.

Salvia horminum had great results from germination, has been amazingly trouble free, and is surviving drought conditions easily. This Salvia doesn't actually have any flowers but has colourful bracts that you can get in pinks, whites and blues. I think the white is hugely successful near the orangery and it is one I will definitely grow next year.


orangery bedorangery border

Another firm favourite is the Clarkia elegans. It grows much taller than I was expecting and branches beautifully to fill gaps. I love the Hibiscus type flowers.



And the Ammi majus that is scattered through any gaps around the garden is lovely. It's an annual that looks like a much more delicate version of cow parsley. It can also be sown in the autumn and overwintered inside to make bigger plants the following summer- so we will have a go at that too. My friend Gaye has it gently waving through a bed of grasses, Libertia and iceberg roses- stunning.

Hestercombe Gardens aerial Pawel Borowski DJI 0038

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