Brian-Bateman.jpg With the early-bird offer to launch the Illumina ticket sales for 2013, we are pleased to see a massive uptake already! The tickets have now gone up to the full price but there are plenty left for those who are trying to plan their weekends. Meanwhile, on the practical side of things Ulf has been ordering bits and pieces to create his installations, some will be the same and we are looking forward to some new pieces. This year we have pinpointed the sunset times and are doing timed slots so the visitor will get the best experience. Ulf is very precise about the exact amount of darkness that will make his installations just perfect. Illumina is the perfect opportunity for photographers to get those striking unusual shots too, the bright lights of the installations amongst the dark landscape create some surreal images. We would suggest that anyone with tripods and the extra special kit comes to the event later so that they have more space to themselves.
Hestercombe Gardens aerial Pawel Borowski DJI 0038

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