Another wet and dreary day! Where on earth IS the Summer? I was everso pleased to see lots of waterproof visitors walking the gardens, regardless and enjoying cups of tea and hot teacakes dripping with butter in the restaurant. A warm welcome to tiny wee 'Teddy' the Jack Russell puppy on his first outing!

I have been trawling this dazzling new website to make sure I haven't made any typing errors - I'm sure I will have done so if you spot any errors or have difficulty finding stuff, do ring me - like the gentleman yesterday who couldn't find our charity number. I've made it more prominent on the About Page and Support Us page. This input from 'fresh eyes' is jolly helpful to me! Also this week, the lovely beth@hestercombe.com is making technical tweaks - again - if you find a link doesn't work - just let me know!

Hestercombe Gardens aerial Pawel Borowski DJI 0038

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