plant ID

from left to right: Euphorbia charaias subsp. wulfenii Cytisus scoparius- common broom Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna- Christmas box/ sweet box Rosmarinus officinalis- rosemary Arabis caucasica- rock cress Vinca major- periwinkle

‘gentle’ pruning in the shrubbery

As you enter the gardens on your right is a patch of Portuguese laurel. The laurel had got far too big for its boots and was starting to rob space and light from other shrubs around it.  ….so we have knocked it down a peg or two- In fact we have coppiced it...
fighting nature

fighting nature

This is a picture of the daisy steps- or daisyless steps! Every year we find that the Erigeron karvinskianus struggles to establish at the top of the daisy steps. No matter how many we carefully plant up thay always look thinner at the top than the bottom. And...